Are you participating in PTA’s Reflections Program?

If you are, yay! We have the 2021-2022 theme I Will Change The World By….

Reflections entry due date for your school PTAs: October 22 (SUGGESTED date). Please make a copy of the link below in your google drives. Once you share I will be able to see all your student entries.

If you have not participated, please consider this wonderful National Arts Competition/Program. It is free to submit entries. Individuals can submit or an entire school can have a competition and the school winners from each grade level, and in each category will move forward to the 3rd District Competition. All entries will be recognized. To learn more, please visit our website -Programs, visit, and talk with your school leadership. You can also contact our 3rd District PTA Reflections Chair, Trinette Rawlins.

We are excited to have you and/or your school participate!

All first place winners are due to Third District via email by 12/2/21 from all units reflection chairs.

Next year's 2022-23 theme is "Show Your Voice!"... so what's next?...

the 2023-24 National PTA Theme Search has started on 9/1/21 until 11/1/21:

We are in this together and I'll be with you every step of the way.

Please email me anytime. If something isn't working or doesn't make sense, you probably aren't alone. Please let me know so that we can all learn together. Feedback is a gift!

Thanks again!!!

Trinette Rawlins